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You've come to the right place for perfect gifts and olde world style art. Please feel free to explore the website, shop at our online store or visit our new facebook page!

A love of Geography, Art & Design fuels the passion of Rich Britnell's work. For those who cannot visit the Geographics Studio & Gallery in Auburn, AL, we invite you to climb on board for a tour of our new "virtual gallery". Your journey begins here! Click below, to the left, or scroll down and read more...

GeographicsArt is great for your home, office, restaurant or business. Each hand treated print is a conversation piece that holds a story from the past. Each print is different from the next because of our technique that has been developed over the past twenty years. Let us help set your room apart from the rest with our unique pieces of artwork.

This website showcases the design and artwork of Rich Britnell from Auburn, AL. Rich has always had an affinity for old maps and geography, which is evident in the old style maps and documents that he creates. Most of his artwork is coastal in nature, including gulf coast maps, treasure maps, pirate maps and old style sea charts of the American coastline. The artwork is based on history and real facts so it takes on a rather serious and authentic look.



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